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Three things you likely didn’t know about AppLovin employees

by Meghan Laslocky on Jun 15, 2016

At AppLovin, we’re proud of our culture: it’s inclusive, it’s caring, and it’s just plain fun. One of the things that’s most important to us is the spirit of giving back, whether that means to the community or to each other.

We now have three videos showcasing how generosity and consideration infuse our work environment.

Here’s one featuring Anusha Ramesh, a senior software engineer who trains shelter dogs in her free time, and finds that volunteer work recharges her for work.


Then there’s Kyler Murlas, Director of Growth Partnerships and our resident baker, who regularly brings his homemade bread into the office — much to everyone’s delight.


Finally, there’s Carolyn Yang, whose green thumb and beautiful terrariums bring a bit of nature and artistry to our San Francisco office.

We will have more videos soon featuring other employees and the fantastic things they contribute. Stay tuned!

Meghan Laslocky is AppLovin’s senior marketing manager.

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