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Thoughts on MobileBeat, and why mobile first companies are winning big

by Adam Foroughi on Jul 17, 2014

Last week, I had the opportunity to participate in the seventh annual MobileBeat conference in San Francisco. Hosted by VentureBeat, the gathering was full of intelligent people sharing insights around how to drive mobile growth. I was excited to be part of it, and had a great time. Take a look at Devindra Hardawar’s wrap-up of five key takeaways from MobileBeat, where you’ll see a great list of key learnings from the show. In my fireside chat with Mike Bidgoli of Living Social and Mark Sullivan from VentureBeat, we talked about how mobile commerce is impacting businesses and what companies can do to take advantage of the huge growth opportunity that mobile presents. I ran into a number of companies at MobileBeat who are mobile first. They’re doing an incredible amount of business on mobile, and are building thriving businesses. What do they know that other businesses don’t?

Image credit Mike O'Donnel, VentureBeat

Image credit: Mike O’Donnel, VentureBeat

Here are a few things mobile first companies have in common:

They don’t just make mobile a priority, they make it the top priority. 

They recognize the enormous opportunity in mobile, and don’t treat it as an afterthought. They focus on it and dedicate resources to it, realizing that it won’t happen overnight – it takes time.

They invest in compelling mobile experiences.

They don’t simply port their websites over to mobile – they design experiences specifically for mobile devices. As part of this commitment, they work to understand the unique needs and interests of mobile users.

They make it easy to browse and buy.

They make the shopping experience seamless, storing relevant customer information to eliminate multiple clicks and minimize time and effort. The path between seeing an item and purchasing it must be simple.

They understand the importance of marketing.

They are savvy marketers who know that they need to tell people about their apps and communicate their value again and again. They work on growing their mobile presence, understanding that it won’t simply happen on its own. In short, the companies that dedicate the time, effort, and resources into mobile are the ones that get results. Thanks to VentureBeat for inviting me to take part in the MobileBeat conference. I was delighted to be there, and walked away more inspired than ever about the incredible opportunities for driving business growth on mobile.

Adam Foroughi is AppLovin’s CEO.