The tvOS App Contest: The runners up are now in the App Store!

by Michael Selvidge on May 12, 2016

Ever since the conclusion of the Apple TV App Challenge last month, we’ve run blog posts about the many winners, drilling down into some of the details of what made them stand out to the judges. You can read about the Hackathon winners here, and the Contest’s Grand Prize and Ports winners here.

Today we’re sharing some details on the runners up in the Contest, both of which were released into the App Store today.


Symmetrica, the $5,000 prize winner, is a beautiful tvOS game that features simple mechanics — players use cone-shaped arrows to shoot at green circles — but demands great timing. It also requires accuracy and patience to play successfully. Symmetrica has over 50 unique levels and is designed to be both relaxing and immersive.


Symmetrica, by Guntis Pontags, is a meditative game that places a premium on design.

Judges were impressed by how minimalistic and engaging Symmetrica is. Its creator, Guntis Pontags, told us that it was designed with the notion that you can create a beautiful, enjoyable game, without sacrificing simplicity.

The initial concept was the result of brainstorming at a Game Jam event in Lithuania. From there, Guntis and his colleagues built a prototype which he presented to friends and family; their enthusiasm encouraged him to build a full-featured app. “So many changes were done to make the gameplay experience as pleasant as possible,” he said.

Guntis said that that he’d advise tvOS developers to think carefully about usability. “Try to keep the game controls intuitive and simple, and don’t overwhelm the menu structure,” he said.

Avian: Twitter Map

The $1,000 prize winner of the Contest was Avian: Twitter Map, by Adam Shaw, Simon Burbidge, and James White, a team based in Australia.

Avian users can select a particular Twitter subject or hashtag and then see relevant tweets overlaid against a map.


Avian locates tweets on a map

“We’re all keen Twitter users,” Adam said, “And we had the idea for Avian after hearing that Apple was adding MapKit support to the Apple TV. While it was more complex than we expected to to bend both MapKit and Twitter to our will, we’re happy with how it turned out.”

He said that the team envisioned Avian for casual home use or at events where organizers or hosts want to show a live, visually-engaging Twitter feed.

We can’t wait to see how Symmetrica and Avian do in the charts!

Michael Selvidge is AppLovin’s director of communications.