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The Fifth Tip To Reaching Your Customers On Mobile This Holiday Season

by Adam Foroughi on Sep 24, 2014

Recently, I contributed a piece to Entrepreneur advising startups/entrepreneurs on four ways they can meet shoppers on mobile for the holiday season. I talked about using personalized dynamic content, making mobile friendly creative, deep linking for easy purchasing, and tracking and attributing. You can’t go wrong if you adhere closely to these principles, and I encourage you to read the whole thing, but I’d like to expand on something I only alluded to in my column: The importance of timing.


Timing is Everything One of the reasons mobile is such a powerful category is because the mobile device is personal and ever-present. Mobile is a platform for now. Take advantage of this, send your push notifications and mobile optimized emails to customers at relevant times, when they are most likely to engage. Use mobile ads to take advantage of time based offers and flash sales that encourage your customers to act immediately. Munchery, a same day delivery food startup, for example, makes sure to send their push notifications in the morning, so users are able to buy a meal for later that day. But don’t get in a rut—sending notifications or emails at the same time everyday trains users to wait and ignore. Munchery knows this, and makes sure to send their notifications at different times in the morning day to day. The frequency matters. Send your customer communications often, but not too often. There is a fine line between being engaging and being annoying, and there are many thorough guides and resources available online to help you practice this precise art. Time of day certainly matters, but it’s not the only “time” that matters. Make sure also think strategically about the time of year—which upcoming seasons, holidays or events might be relevant to your ads and your customers. Consumers expect engaging offers around the holidays and other key times of the year. Make sure you deliver, and make it meaningful. Managing timing is necessary, but not sufficient for a flawless mobile marketing strategy. Your timing is only relevant when you have the other aspects of your campaign in order:

  • Keep it personalized, relevant
  • Optimize creative for Mobile
  • Deep link and remove friction in the purchasing process
  • Track and attribute your campaign, use data to maximize ROI

Throughout this whole process (which I cover in greater detail in the original post), timing should be something you plan for strategically, to make sure your campaigns take advantage of the “continuously connected consumer” that mobile can deliver.

Adam Foroughi is AppLovin’s CEO.

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