Company Culture

#teamapplovin gets down at Party at the Palace

by Alice Guillaume on Apr 5, 2016

At a rapidly growing startup, there are a million and one things to do. Whether it’s streamlining a business process, bringing the product to the next level or addressing partners’ questions, the pace is fast and it’s exhilarating. Whatever it is that you are working on, there’s always room for it to be better. But when you’re fully entrenched in day-to-day tasks, it’s equally productive to take a step back, re-calibrate, and give back to others.  

Last Saturday, AppLovin participated in Party at the Palace, a special evening for education at the Palace of Fine Arts. As an event sponsor, AppLovin showed its support for a group of K-12 Bay Area education nonprofits that are meaningfully improving students’ graduation rates and life outcomes. These included Alternatives in Action, Black Girls Code, Citizen Schools, Girls Who Code, Minds Matter, Mission Graduates, and Wishbone. Party at the Palace was wildly popular, with over 1200 people attending. The event cleared over $80,000 that will be donated to the beneficiary nonprofits.  


Pete Schlaefer and Kyler Murlas

Thirteen AppLovin employees from various teams and leadership levels attended the black-tie evening for education. Everyone was decked out in jazzy attire, from cocktail dresses to suits and bow ties, a refreshing change from the t-shirts and jeans many of us wear to work! And I may be a bit biased, but I have to say that #teamapplovin had the best moves on the dance floor, just as was the case a few months ago when some of us attended a colleague’s wedding in India.

Several of us at AppLovin have long been passionate about increasing education opportunities. And to have AppLovin show its support for the cause, well, that’s incredibly encouraging and speaks to the company culture, which values both education and its “sister”: mentorship. At AppLovin, providing people with the opportunity to learn goes hand-in-hand with business growth, whether that means pairing people in mentoring relationships or encouraging them to explore new aspects of the business.

So it was in keeping with AppLovin’s fundamental values to be a Party at the Palace sponsor. I’m so glad to work for a company that is so generous with its charitable contributions and that, like me, values investing in education for others.

Alice Guillaume is Senior Director of Marketing Operations at AppLovin.