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Self-driving cars signal big changes in the ad industry

by Adam Foroughi on May 31, 2016

This past weekend VentureBeat published a piece I wrote on how self-driving cars will disrupt advertising. I often think about how it could well be the case that I’ll never go through the time-honored ritual of teaching my daughters to drive (they’re all under the age of five now), but as someone who uses Uber regularly and works in the ad industry, I can’t emphasize enough how much being freed from driving already changed my consumption of media. Usually I’m looking at a screen working while I’m in the backseat of an Uber; it’s amazing to take that one step further and think about what it will be like when, for millions of Americans, sitting in the driver’s seat for their daily commute is optional.

While it still might be any number of years before self-driving cars are the norm, it’s important for those of us in the industry to think through how it will impact publishers, advertisers, and consumers. Read the full piece here!

Adam Foroughi is AppLovin’s CEO.