Recap: Apple TV Hackathon mini-challenge winners

by Katy Jensen on May 20, 2016

The tvOS Hackathon brought in plenty of talented developers, and when we knew that when our partners at Twitter, Kochava, GitLab, Riffsy, and AppsFlyer offered prizes for specific mini-challenges, many would rise to the occasion with smart, creative builds. Here’s a quick recap of what won the mini-challenges:

GitLab offered a DJI Phantom 3 drone for the best use of open source tech. The drone went home with Sarah Hemmert, Michael Jensen, Scott Chen, and Michelle Jow. Their app, Mybnb, serves as a virtual concierge for Airbnb users. Hosts can use the app to share any information they’d like with guests, such as WiFi information, house rules, and information about the area.


Mybnb team members check out how their app runs on tvOS

Brittany Kaufman and Vince Davis gave TV buffs a new way to shop with their app, ShowShop. With ShowShop, users can pause a TV show to purchase something they see on the show, like a character’s sunglasses or dress. “We decided to use Digits because the API was easy to integrate into our app and it would be a simple way for our users to set up an account,” said Davis. The implementation scored them $500 from Twitter.

Finally, taking home three of the five prizes offered was GIFs Against Humanity, a spin on Cards Against Humanity, but with GIFs instead of phrases. The app earned recognition for having the most insightful in-app event (a mini-challenge presented by AppsFlyer), the best implementation of Kochava SDK, and the best implementation of Riffsy’s API. GIFs Against Humanity can be controlled by multiple users with their own phones, which makes it a great party game. Creators Calvin Settachatgul, Stephanie Ko, Jack Liu, Federico Nigro, and Ethan Fan received Amazon Tap speakers, a PhoneDrone Ethos, and $1,000 in Apple Store gift cards for their achievements in creating the app.


High-fives for the GIFS Against Humanity team

Settachatgul has wasted no time in figuring out how to put his prizes to good use. “I’m planning to purchase an Apple TV with the Apple gift card, and I’m considering using the Apple TV in combination with the drone to make a game,” he said.

Congratulations to all of the winners of the tvOS Hackathon mini-challenges.

Katy Jensen is AppLovin’s content marketing associate.