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Executive Team Bios

Adam Foroughi // CEO and Co-founder of AppLovin

As the CEO of AppLovin, Adam leads the company in vision and strategy. His unique blend of product focus and creative thinking keeps the AppLovin team in motion. Adam began his career as a derivatives trader, where he was inspired by scalable high frequency trading models. Over the next decade, he applied this knowledge to ad tech at three companies he founded: Lifestreet Media, Social Hour, and AppLovin. Today, Adam continues to refine – and demonstrate – his theory that better business results come from smarter algorithms and better data.

John Krystynak // Chief Technology Officer and Co-founder of AppLovin

John Krystynak has a track record of working with successful startups from formation to IPO. He joined internet advertising pioneer NetGravity as their first engineer in 1995, and worked there until its IPO and subsequent sale to DoubleClick. John was an early employee at VMware, where he ran product marketing for 5 years. In 2011, he co-founded AppLovin, a startup that develops innovative ad solutions for mobile.

Andrew Karam // VP of Product and Co-founder of AppLovin

As VP of Product, Andrew keeps AppLovin running smoothly. With nearly 10 years of advertising experience, his knowledge of the industry and his passion for ad tech are an invaluable resource for the AppLovin team. Andrew began his career in pharmaceutical research, but his desire to be involved in fast-paced projects brought him to online advertising. He has since co-founded three different companies, including StylePage and Social Hour, which sold to Playphone in 2012.

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