Postback 15: Re-engaging the mobile customer

by Adam Foroughi on Aug 5, 2015

Last month, I had the pleasure of attending TUNE’s Postback’15 conference, where I was on a great panel called “Re-Engaging the Mobile Customer.” The conversation hit on some terrific points that every app developer should be aware of, particularly when so many have prioritized user acquisition over re-engagement, and re-engagement strategies in general are in the early stages of development.

One re-engagement challenge that’s relevant to just about every publisher is that of app uninstalls. Fifty to 60 percent of users delete apps just to clean up their phones, and obviously this can create havoc in retargeting campaigns. At 17:39 in the video of the panel I talk about this challenge, and about what developers can keep in mind as they go about resolving it.

So take a few minutes to check out the video and get perspectives from me and other experts on where re-engagement stands now, and on where it’s going.

Adam Foroughi is AppLovin’s CEO.