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Mobile advertising myths – The sixth myth

by Adam Foroughi on Jul 9, 2014

I recently wrote a piece for Adotas on the 5 Most Common Misconceptions about Mobile Advertising. In it, I offer some alternative opinions to several of the myths people still believe about how to make mobile advertising work for businesses. As mobile commerce continues to grow, it’s vital for marketers to understand that mobile advertising requires an investment in developing a mobile experience and marketing strategy that will deliver profitable results.

Brands that are willing to dedicate time and money to mobile are reaping big rewards. As you’ll see in the Adotas piece, “retailers who invest in a “mobile-centric” strategy are already seeing over 40% of their digital revenues coming from mobile.” Read the article to find out what the first five myths are, and how you can make mobile a bigger part of your growth strategy.

And here’s one more:

Myth #6: Mobile ad buyers should always optimize to spend. In fact, in most instances in which mobile advertising should optimize to your revenue goals. Return on investment is your biggest priority when you advertise, and there’s no reason that should change when you advertise on mobile. What you spend is only one part of optimization. The key is to measure and optimize your campaigns based on the revenue from transactions driven by your mobile advertising. To maximize your revenues, you want to view full funnel attribution and correlate your spend with the revenue it produces.

Here’s five more misconceptions you’ll want to be aware of. Review them all.

Adam Foroughi is AppLovin’s CEO.

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