Mentorship at AppLovin

by Carolyn Yang on Mar 28, 2016

Since I joined this company eight months ago, the term “AppLovin family” has come to resonate with me, particularly as it relates to mentorship transcending traditional work-life boundaries. Throughout my life, mentorship is the common thread cinching my extracurricular interests; but since I joined AppLovin — my first job out of college — it is mentorship, both explicit and implicit, that brings me personal fulfillment and growth within my career.

Some of the best advice I received about exploring careers after college was over some Cabernet Sauvignon my sophomore year with Anne-Marie Slaughter—policy-maker, Princeton professor emerita, president of the New America Foundation, and full-time mother. She urged me to pursue a job out of college that not only took me outside my comfort zone (I majored in policy with a focus on income inequality), but more importantly, offered mentorship from all leadership levels within the organization. These words of wisdom empowered me to take the leap of faith from policy and foreign affairs to growth partnerships at an advertising technology startup.

Despite this motivation to explore new horizons, my experience was similar to that of many people who don’t have a tech background but wind up working in tech: my first few weeks were marked by what’s sometimes called “imposter syndrome”:  Was I actually qualified for this job in a field in which I had no academic or work experience? When were those who hired me going to realize they made a mistake?

But thanks to the coaching of my team members who showed no (visible at least) signs of frustration, responded to questions I repeated, and offered support and helpful tips or new ways to reframe the problem at hand, my anxiety quickly dissipated. I understood that my critical thinking skills were what mattered the most.

At AppLovin, women and men alike espouse mentorship and empowerment, and that has helped me foster better working relationships with my clients. Eight months in, and I’m thriving. The added bonus? I know I can count on my coworkers to support me in the workplace, but also at major crossroads I face outside of our office.

And then there’s the gender component to mentorship: When I see women represented on all levels of management, as I do at AppLovin, it’s easier for me to visualize my own advancement in the corporate world. When you add in the fact that we have heartening data that indicates that companies with more women in management enjoy higher profitability, I’m particularly optimistic about my future in business.

But the bottom line is that all over AppLovin there are hard-working role models I look up to, all of whom demonstrate what it takes to actualize one’s career ambitions. This is why I’m proud to be a part of the open, accessible work culture at AppLovin that generates camaraderie and empowerment.

Carolyn Yang is a Growth Partnerships analyst at AppLovin.