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Looking to increase your ad revenue? Go native!

by Mark Rosner on May 8, 2015

I recently contributed a piece to App Developer Magazine about why native advertising is such a hot trend (it’s one of the fastest growing areas in advertising, and eMarketer estimates that the market for native ads will be $5B by 2017). It covers best practices for mobile native ad integrations that can dramatically boost developers’ ad revenues.

The statistics are hard to argue with: native ads boost ad revenue (note that Twitter, for example, doubled its ad revenue by implementing native), and consumers prefer them, making the native strategy a win-win-win for developers, advertisers, and users. Plus, intent to purchase is much higher with users who click on native ads as opposed to banner ads: 52 percent compared with 34 percent.  

But part of what you might be missing are the enormous opportunities represented in the mobile web environment. You can dramatically increase app installs using native mobile web advertising. If you’re interested in how you might approach native in mobile web, be sure to check out AppLovin’s native product, which serves ads on the mobile web.

Consider this your call-to-action to jump on the native advertising bandwagon: Incorporate native advertising into your strategy, and you will see an increase in ad revenues or sales, and quite possibly a dramatic effect on your bottom line. To find out more on best practices with mobile native advertising, check out my full post at App Developer.


Mark Rosner is AppLovin’s Chief Revenue Officer.