iOS 9 is coming! What this means for our developer partners.

by Mark Rosner on Sep 8, 2015

As you likely know, Apple will be making iOS-related announcements tomorrow. In addition, Apple is expected to release production-ready versions of iOS 9 and Xcode 7. There are a lot of interesting features in iOS 9 for developers — our VP of engineering just highlighted the most important ones for devs to know at App Developer Magazine

Our existing SDK will work smoothly within the iOS 9 environment as long as you remain on the current version of Xcode. If you decide to update to Xcode 7, however, you’ll need to update our SDK so that ads continue to serve. If you don’t, our SDK (and many other companies’ as well) will not serve any advertising.

Make sure to sign in to your account and then click here to update to our new iOS SDK now.

When you update you’ll also receive a large number of performance enhancements, which will improve eCPM.

Remember: you are only required to update our iOS SDK when you move to Xcode 7. However, we do recommend that all developers update our SDK regardless, to take advantage of all the performance enhancements that are available.

If you have an Android app, the latest Android SDK is also ready. You’ll benefit from the same performance enhancements, which will also improve eCPM.

Mark Rosner is AppLovin’s Chief Revenue Officer.