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Guess what’s in the App Store? tvOS Contest finalists!

by Matt Szaro on May 5, 2016

Liquid Pinball

Veteran iOS game developer Alexei Garbuzenko worked hard on the animation and physics of Liquid Pinball. This colorful and free game app features 60 levels in 5 scenarios. Alexei advises that developers always build for multiple platforms in order to maximize revenues.


Liquid Pinball, an Apple TV game app by Alexei Garbuzenko

Block Jock

Block Jock, by a mysterious team called The Mighty Pirates, is a casual game in which players level up by pulling and slamming blocks into place to create a line of eight. A user can play alone using the Siri remote or with someone else via an iPhone.


tvOS game Block Jock, by The Mighty Pirates

One of the developers of Block Jock had this advice for those looking to build with tvOS: “You must quickly build a prototype which you can run. This will help you to quickly discard control schemes which you thought would be awesome, but in reality flop as soon as you spend five seconds on them [because of the particulars of the Siri remote].”

He added that to him, the most fun part of designing a game for Apple TV was thinking through how two players could challenge and tease each other. “The Versus mode of Block Jock does exactly that,” he said, “where a player can either focus on building his line or destroying his opponent’s.”

Deep Sleep Sounds

Created by Air Force veteran and developer Huxley Seidman, Deep Sleep Sounds was inspired by the needs of an infant. “I originally developed this app for my newborn son,” Huxley said. “He falls asleep every night to the recorded sounds of an Air Filter,” adding that he’s used the app himself when staying in noisy hotels.



Deep Sleep Sounds, an Apple TV utility app by Huxley Seidman

Deep Sleep Sounds is a port of an iOS app, and it includes one sound that mimics the rumble and whoosh babies hear in utero. The app’s most played sounds include Fan, Hairdryer, Ocean Waves, and White Noise. It supports AirPlay, 3D Touch, and Spotlight search.

Huxley created universal purchase for the app so that if a user purchases the tvOS version, the iOS version is automatically included (and vice versa). He said that the bundle ID remains the same, so devs taking this approach need to create new tvOS provisioning profiles via the Apple Developer Member Center.

Huxley features a series of tips for tvOS developers on his blog.

Congratulations to the developers of these great new tvOS apps! We look forward to seeing how each app does in the charts.


Matt Szaro is a senior software engineer at AppLovin.

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