Amplify Seoul: The power of thinking globally

by Amy Mills on Jun 20, 2017

On June 15, AppLovin hosted a workshop at the Park Hyatt in Seoul titled “Think globally: Acquire new users for your mobile app for worldwide success.” This was the third of four workshops in AppLovin’s new Amplify series, the first of which was held in Beijing, and the second in Tokyo.

The Korean market is small and dominated by large publishers, so when it comes to acquiring valuable new users at scale, developers in Korea need to look to global markets to acquire users. For this workshop, we invited speakers from Springcomes, Ekkorr, and Yodo1 to outline how they got their apps in the top charts through various marketing techniques such as paid acquisition and their monetization strategies. They also touched on how their business has directly benefited from acquiring users beyond the US, gave specific examples of regional growth areas, and explained how they strategically channeled ad revenues into user acquisition.


Our first speaker was Sung Young Seo from Springcomes, an indie developer that has achieved rapid success since its founding one year ago. Seo talked about his experiences in developing, marketing, and monetizing his company’s hit games Jewels Temple and Brick Breaker. Next, Myeong Yong Shin from Ekkorr discussed his company’s trials and errors in its user acquisition efforts, which included email marketing, paid acquisition, and influencer marketing. Lastly, Vincent Diao from Yodo1, a Chinese game publisher shared his strategy of using various influencers from around the world, which helped get Crossy Road and Rodeo Stampede to the top charts of multiple countries. Diao also talked about Yodo1’s strategic and careful placement of rewarded video ads within its apps.

Amplify Seoul AppLovin appetizers

After the presentations, the team and attendees enjoyed a happy hour where guests networked and enjoyed appetizers.

The final workshop in the Amplify series will be held in China in later in 2017 to lead a workshop for advertisers that’s focused on user acquisition and growth best practices. If you are interested in attending one of these invite-only events, contact your AppLovin account manager.

Amy is Senior Marketing Manager at AppLovin Japan.