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Giving thanks at AppLovin

by Meghan Laslocky on Nov 24, 2016

Here at AppLovin, we’ve had a terrific year. Our business has grown, and we’ve all learned many new things along the way. This holiday season, we’re enormously thankful to our many partners out there, all over the world, who have helped to make AppLovin a success.

Our CEO Adam Foroughi was just quoted in Entrepreneur regarding what he’s grateful for as this holiday season, and here’s what he had to say:

“It’s been a milestone year for AppLovin, and the holidays are a great time to take a break and reflect on all of the amazing people in my life who made it happen. I’m incredibly grateful for my wife and kids, who have supported me all through my ups and downs this year, for my parents, who have pointed me in the right direction since day one, and our whole AppLovin team. Each and every one of them — current employees, past employees and investors — played a role in helping us achieve more than I ever thought was imaginable this year.”

Here’s a snapshot of what AppLovin employees are grateful for as we slow down and take stock of 2016:

“I work for a company that sets the happiness of its employees as a top priority. I’m so grateful that AppLovin has been so supportive of me in terms of maternity leave (I recently had my second child) and the transition to returning to work.” — Iris Burstein, graphic designer

“I am thankful for the opportunities here at Applovin to learn and continue to grow as an engineer, to take on more responsibilities as time progresses and become a better engineer, person, and human being in general.” — Anusha Ramesh, senior software engineer

“I’m thankful for the opportunity to be part of a truly passionate and gifted team that I can learn from every day, and to be able to provide the support they need to continue their success.” — Josh Barger, HR manager

“I’m grateful for the opportunity to work and learn in such a friendly environment. There is always someone to help if needed.” — Valentyna Kulchitska, accountant

“AppLovin has outstanding leadership, and as we close out a great year with a great outcome, I’m thankful for their vision. My co-workers are intelligent and problem-solve in original, diverse ways, and our work environment is one that allows me to balance my career with my awesome family.” — Katie Jansen, chief marketing officer

“I’m thankful to work in an environment where I’m constantly learning and surrounded by such unique, hardworking people.” — Dom Davies, business development analyst

“I’m thankful to work at AppLovin because of all the great colleagues I get to work with. Everyone contributes to the amazing inclusive atmosphere. I’m also thankful for the guidance our leadership provides us.” — Erika Cheng, office manager

Speaking for myself, I’m glad to work for a company that is both generous and collaborative. Every single day my career is pushed in new directions, I learn something new, and my colleagues and I share a good laugh.

So here’s to loving the company you work for this holiday season. Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Meghan Laslocky is AppLovin’s senior marketing manager.

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