Company Culture

Fun at the picnic!

by Rafael Vivas on Sep 29, 2013

It’s always important to reward hard work with play. We did just that with our first official AppLovin company picnic.

We kicked off a beautiful team picnic with a water balloon toss, sports and a BBQ! It was a blast to watch everyone during the “intense” football and soccer games.

I spent most of my time ambushing my teammates with water balloons. It all came back to bite me though, when our developer and accounting teams ganged up on me with water balloons/guns. I was soaked!

It was a great bonding experience and the perfect way to enjoy time with both our SF and NY teams. As the picnic came to an end one of our head developers, Basil, took the liberty of doing an official toast (on top of a table) that commended our growth and pumped everyone up for the future.

Having the opportunity to learn and grow with our team was one of the best experiences at AppLovin. I’m looking forward to our future as a company and more fun events to come.

Rafael Vivas is President of Lion Studios.