Developers: Update AppLovin iOS SDK

by Mark Rosner on Sep 12, 2014

Apple released its production (Golden Master) version of iOS 8 on Tuesday and there were some changes that affect the AppLovin SDK.

Here are the scenarios for AppLovin integration.

  • If you are updating with Xcode 6 – Any version of our Xcode 6 iOS 8 compatible SDK v2.5.0 – v.2.5.3 is fine and you can continue as planned.
  • If you are updating with Xcode 5 – You should either update to v2.5.3+ (recommended and available here) or remain on a version prior to our Xcode 6 iOS 8 compatible 2.5 series (2.4 or prior).

We appreciate your patience as the industry works through this last update from Apple.

Note that Apple has announced September 17 to be the go-live date. If any updates are necessary, please do them now.

Please feel free to contact support ( with any questions.


Mark Rosner is AppLovin’s Chief Revenue Officer.

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