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Check out AppsFlyer’s mini-challenge for the Hackathon!

by Michael Selvidge on Apr 12, 2016

As we noted in our last blog post, this coming weekend’s tvOS Hackathon will feature some cool mini-challenges with their own special prizes. One of the event’s sponsors, AppsFlyer, is now providing details on its mini-challenge to design “the  most insightful in-app event.”

What do they have in mind? Well, you can read all about it on the AppsFlyer blog, but basically AppsFlyer is looking for hacks that include in-app events that yield useful, actionable data, which in turn can fuel user acquisition and retargeting strategies. Each member of the team that wins this mini-challenge will receive an Amazon Tap Portable Speaker, which Amazon is touting as small, loud, and smart.

Registration for the Hackathon is still open, but we expect to sell out, so sign up now if you haven’t already, and tell your friends. We promise it will be a hackathon to remember.   

Michael Selvidge is AppLovin’s director of communications.

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