Canapés + Best Practices + company fun in Beijing!

by Briana Billingham on Aug 23, 2016

I’m just back from my second trip to Beijing for AppLovin, and I’m starting to really love that city! Last week AppLovin hosted a special event for about 70 people — a panel covering the importance of mobile video ads to monetizing successfully and acquiring new users.

It’s a hot topic given that mobile video advertising is dramatically increasing in China: eMarketer recently reported that this year mobile video ad spend there will increase 76.7% to $3.09 billion, up from $1.75 billion in 2015. eMarketer also anticipates that this year will represent a tipping point where mobile video ad spend in China will account for more than half of all digital video spend in the country.

So naturally given statistics like that, the crowd was engaged in the subject at hand. Experts from AppsFlyer, App Annie, Cheetah Mobile, and SOULGAME participated in the panel discussion led by our own Miao You, Director of Strategic Partnerships. Together they covered a range of topics including the effectiveness of rewarded video, how CTR and CVR with video ads compare with those of other formats, and even the nuts and bolts of how long ads should be and where they should be placed. Our guests were quite rapt.

IMG_2107 2

Seventy guests joined us for a panel focusing on the importance of mobile video ads to monetizing and acquiring new users.

And they certainly enjoyed the canapés after the panel, too! I’ve enjoyed getting to know the local food during my trips to China, and I’ve become accustomed to how beautifully hotels in China execute events.


AppLovin’s China team out for dinner in Beijing.

It was great to see the event go off so well, but also spend some quality time with my colleagues in China. We all went out together for a banquet-style dinner and karaoke afterwards. Thanks to them I learned the hard way that karaoke-ing Adele is, well…just what you’d think it would be… next to impossible, but fun!

Briana Billingham is AppLovin’s global events manager.

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