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At AppLovin, less is more when it comes to meetings

by Meghan Laslocky on May 24, 2016

When I first started at AppLovin a few months ago, I immediately noticed that I could get a lot of work done quickly, and that my colleagues were very available on the fly. And then I put two and two together: I get a lot of work done and can collaborate with co-workers at a moment’s notice because none of us are tied up in endless meetings.

My colleague Briana Billingham, who is also relatively new to the company, has had a similar experience. “At AppLovin, I don’t spend my days in meetings. It’s so much easier to get my work done. I can plan ahead better because less of my time is wasted,” she told me. We’re both keenly aware of what an advantage it is, in so many ways, to not have meetings dominate your day.

Our CEO, Adam Foroughi, recently wrote a piece about the “silent killer” of too many meetings. He argues that too many meetings often waste time, burn people out, slow growth, and create an unnecessary barriers between company leaders and employees because the leaders often aren’t available when they’re needed. Adam has made it a priority to cultivate a corporate culture where meetings only happen when they’re necessary. 

I’ve learned a lot in my brief time at AppLovin, but in terms of management, I think this “less is more” approach to meetings is one of the most useful. Be sure to read the whole article!

Meghan Laslocky is AppLovin’s senior marketing manager.

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