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AppLovin parties in style

by Jennifer Morris on Dec 20, 2013

Nothing brings a company together like celebrating the success of a year of hard work and amazing success. The AppLovin team did that at our holiday party this year.

I started planning the party in October and after months of hard work, the night was finally here!

This year our holiday party was hosted in the Crown Room of The Fairmont, in San Francisco. Our guests were greeted by the sound of live holiday jazz, laughter and an amazing 360-degree view of San Francisco, from the very top of The Fairmont.

Everyone came dressed to impress for our casino themed party. Each guest was given a ticket to play $1,000 worth of chips at any of the tables. The photographer snapped photos to capture the elegant night of celebration.

The night was filled with eruptions of cheers and laughter as the chips flowed and we all raced to multiply the purple ($500) chips in our hands! Champagne and cocktails were abundant and at the end of the night when our time was up, we moved the party to our office in San Francisco where the fun, games and drinking continued, startup style! There’s never been a classier game of beer pong than watching our co-founders in their suits get beat game after game by some fresh-out-of-college engineers!

This company is truly a family that lives up to the “Work hard, play hard” philosophy. We had an amazing time and look forward to another year of hard work and great success!

2013 Holiday Party 2013 Holiday Party 2013 Holiday Party 2013 Holiday Party

Jennifer Morris is an office manager and recruiting coordinator at AppLovin.

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