AppLovin Launches on Amazon

by Mark Rosner on Apr 27, 2015

I’m happy to announce that AppLovin has launched on Amazon! This is great news for developers and advertisers alike. Developers can immediately integrate our SDK into their Amazon apps and start monetizing. For advertisers, this new partnership means that we can source Amazon inventory for you.

We’re excited for the obvious reason: Amazon is a premium partner and a brand that offers amazing apps. We are also excited by the prospect of offering quality Amazon ad inventory to our advertisers, and by the new challenge of working with Amazon’s quality developer community to partner with them to monetize their apps.

Fire_Macy'sThe benefits to this new partnership for developers and advertisers are significant. Amazon developers will now be able to optimize their apps for the best experience and highest monetization by leveraging all major ad formats (native, video/graphic interstitial, and rewarded video) we provide, so it will be easy for developers to get just the right mix that is optimal in terms of both user experience and revenue optimization. Advertisers will now be able to access even more quality inventory because they can advertise on Amazon apps and reach quality Amazon users.

Sign up is fast and takes less than a minute. If you haven’t already signed up with AppLovin as a developer, start by going to our sign up page, and make sure you note that you’re a developer in the sign-up field. Once you’ve completed sign up, approval is immediate — you’ll get a welcome email. Then click “login” on the AppLovin site, login and then integrate our SDK into your Amazon apps. You can also find any support you need there.

You can also check out Amazon’s post for more info.

Mark Rosner is AppLovin’s Chief Revenue Officer.

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