Amplify Connects at GMGC Chengdu: UA and monetization strategies

by Michelle Ao on Dec 12, 2017

GMGC Chengdu, China’s top B2B event, brings together game developers, distributors, and other gaming-related companies from around the world. This year, the conference hosted more than 5,000 developers and industry professionals, over 100 domestic and international media representatives, and more than 100 speakers from more than 20 countries. GMGC promotes cooperation across borders and creating lasting partnerships beyond games.

With so many top professionals in attendance, it was the perfect chance for AppLovin to hold a workshop. Our ongoing Amplify series allows us to host panels about specific topics for app developers and advertisers.

GMGC AppLovin Amplify Connects workshop

For our Amplify Connects workshop at GMGC Chengdu, we talked about user acquisition and monetization strategies as well as a few case studies about the use of rewarded video.

One case study was about Droidhang, a Chengdu-based mobile game company known for its RPG Idle Heroes (Android | iOS). Droidhang works closely with AppLovin on both user acquisition and ad monetization. For user acquisition, we helped maximize their volume with precise targeting and helped improve their bid strategy.

On the monetization front, Droidhang found success using rewarded video at specific times during the gameplay loop. For example, when a player loses, you can offer a chance to revive by watching a video ad. Rewarded video needs to be handled with care if you have in-app purchases as part of your monetization strategy. Droidhang decided to limit the daily rewarded videos served in order not to cannibalize its in-app purchases.

Wee also shared some more best practices for monetization in the workshop. Casual games tend to rely on interstitial ads as a major revenue source, while midcore and hardcore games use rewarded video more. However, we’ve seen across all game genres that a well-executed implementation of rewarded video can increase retention rate, session time, sessions per user, and paid rate, resulting in an increase in players’ overall LTV.

GMGC AppLovin Amplify Connects workshop appetizers

Since we work closely with many local game companies in Chengdu, we were excited to finally meet face to face during our Amplify Connects seminar. It was also the first time we held an offline training seminar for our local partners and developers, and we thoroughly enjoyed listening to everyone’s different user acquisition strategies using AppLovin’s platform.

We look forward to doing more Amplify Connects seminars in the future and bringing them to more cities across the world.

Michelle Ao is Marketing Director for AppLovin China.