How to write an effective app store description

by AppLovin on Aug 9, 2019

So now we know the value of ASO, but how do you do it effectively? And not just effectively, but make it genuinely interestingly? After all, what is the point of leading your horses to the stream if they don’t take a drink? And by take a drink, we mean download the game. You want to entice a person to hit that “GET” button with some great images and a stellar description, but does anyone even read that description? 

The answer is yes! In fact, your app description is number two in importance, just behind the title, according to top marketers. And while the actual words don’t help influence ranking in the App Store, well-placed keywords do help with the Google Play algorithm. More than that, though, a well crafted and interesting description will help to compel downloads and that, obviously, is a good thing. 

Here’s how to write an app store description that gets prospective users to download. 

Consider your audience

Your description should mirror the tone of the game. If your game is fun, have fun with the description. If your game is complicated, break it down and make it relatable. While Apple recommends a concise paragraph and a short list of features, it certainly doesn’t work for all games and you don’t want to fall into a cookie-cutter mold. The name of this game is to stand out! 

Be funny, be unique, be outstanding, but also be thoughtful in your verbiage. As we mentioned, keywords aren’t read in ASO, and if you try to overuse them, the description will be clunky and confusing. Obviously, the keywords you choose will be integral to describing your game, so they should still be scattered throughout, but they must make sense in context.

If you get too flowery in your language, it won’t translate well.

One factor to consider while writing an app store description is localization for other markets. If you get too flowery in your language, it won’t translate well and then you are back to square one with a so-so description. While a majority of your downloads may be in English, and you certainly want to focus on the largest slice, international markets continue to grow and you will find that good localization a necessity.

Sell sell sell!

While you are taking people down your word path towards the ultimate goal of downloading your game, don’t get lost along the way. We are building engagement here, so sound your creative horn. Use those rave reviews to publish a nice pull quote. Have you won an award? Don’t be afraid to use some of your precious character count to show off the hype coming from outside sources.

Just remember, you don’t have to get it perfect out of the gate. You can always go back.

Always be optimizing

Writing an effective app store description is not a set-it-and-forget-it situation. Yes, you want to craft a well-written description but the work doesn’t stop there. Your app’s description, much like the doctor, needs to be visited every once in a while for check-ups. Maybe you have a new accolade to add or maybe you want to try some new keywords. If you’ve released new levels or features, it’s time to update your game’s description to let the audience know. Just remember, you don’t have to get it perfect out of the gate. You can always go back.

Unfortunately, there is no perfect template that will work for every game and every developer. You will need to try a few different formats to find the one that fits your style and your voice. The most important thing to remember is to stay true to yourself. The player will have a much better experience if they know what they are getting into and that starts with your app’s description! Well, maybe it starts with the images and video trailer, but right after those it’s your words so make them count!

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