Amplify Tokyo: Best monetization practices for non-gaming apps

by Amy Mills on Apr 20, 2017

On April 13 in Tokyo, AppLovin held the second workshop in our Amplify series, after our successful Amplify Beijing workshop last month. This time, the event focused on monetization for non-gaming apps. A crowd of 80 non-gaming developers came out to hear four guest speakers talk about the latest trends in popular Japanese apps and best practices in monetization.

Amplify Tokyo AppLovin monetization workshop
First up was Katsunobu Okada from Fuller (App Ape), a startup in Japan that provides app analytics services. He conducted a study about user trends of Japan’s most popular cooking and comic book (manga) apps and shared with us highlights of the study.

Next, we had a panel discussion with speakers from two popular non-gaming apps in Japan — Takahiro Nagayama of Dwango, Yasuhiro Akatsu of Compass TV, as well as Hiroshi Ikeda from Supership, an SSP that AppLovin regularly partners with. Tatsuo Sakamoto, AppLovin’s Director of Sales, moderated the panel. He recapped, “Both Dwango and Compass TV mentioned that the recent advancements in ad technology, as well as implementing new ad networks and ad formats into their apps have allowed them to increase their ad revenue by over 10% year over year. The panel talk was highly technical, but the audience was able to learn just how much time and effort top performing apps in Japan place into their ad monetization strategies. There were a lot of high hopes for native ads — we at AppLovin have seen great success for this ad format in Japan, so we will continue to do our best.”

AppLovin Amplify Tokyo monetization workshop

The panelists gave the audience great advice in regards to monetization. Dwango’s Nagayama-san mentioned that many devs listen to user voices, but may not get the chance to interact with other developers or publishers. He said that forming these connections can lead to insightful advice. Compass TV’s Akatsu-san suggested that it’s important to always consider user experience when implementing ads, because it will not only make users happy, but will also lead to good results for advertisers and developers.

Nori Hayashi, AppLovin’s Country Manager for Japan, summed up the event, saying, “Fuller’s Okada-san gave us deep insights into cooking and comic book apps, and Dwango’s Nagayama-san and Compass TV’s Akatsu-san, being the experts that they are in the ad tech space, provided the audience with highly useful information. Also, Supership’s Ikeda-san’s passion kept the audience engaged throughout the entire panel. In particular, what Compass TV’s Akatsu-san said stood out to me as a great piece of advice. He said that the best way to monetize will depend on the services and current situation for each company, and will always be changing. Thus, it’s important to try many things to figure out what is best for your company at its current state.”

AppLovin Amplify Tokyo monetization workshop

After the panel we enjoyed food and drinks, and guests networked with each other. The next workshop in the Amplify series will be in the Korea on June 15, titled “Think Globally: Acquire new users for your mobile app for worldwide success.” After that, we will return to China later in 2017 to lead a workshop for advertisers that will be focused on user acquisition and growth best practices.

If you are interested in attending one of these invite-only events, contact your AppLovin account manager.

Amy is Senior Marketing Manager at AppLovin Japan.