Amplify Beijing: Turning up the volume in China

by Briana Billingham on Apr 12, 2017

At the Intercontinental Hotel Beijing on March 24th, AppLovin was thrilled to host the first of four workshops in our new Amplify series. A crowd of about 120 professionals came out for a panel consisting of Zeta Zhu, Senior Director of Mobile Advertising at Fyber, Spencer Liu, CEO of KT Play, Ben Yang, Sr. Product Manager of Fun Plus, and Vincent Diao, VP of Global Publishing at Yodo1.

In the Amplify series, we cover topics from utilizing various ad types to localized versus regional inventory. The goal of the workshops, in general, is to bring actionable ad tech information, best practices and tips to advertisers and developers. The topic for the first Amplify event focused on monetization for publishers with: “How to monetize your apps through video ads with local and global inventory.”

The panel highlighted the importance of a sound monetization strategy to an app’s success, as well as how a simple user interface and genuine value to the user are crucial. The panelists also discussed monetization through advertising, particularly for gaming apps, and which ad formats are optimal for increasing ad revenue in the vertical. Yujia Zhu, AppLovin’s Director of Business Operations, moderated the panel. She recapped, “During the panel, we discussed the reason why video is becoming the trendiest format for monetization, best practices on how to strategically integrate video ads into games, and suggestions for developers who wish to grow their games in countries outside of China. When video ads are tied into the core gameplay strategically, they can help to increase user retention and stimulate users’ first time In-App Purchase.”

Michelle Ao, AppLovin’s Director of Marketing, added, “The panelists specifically highlighted the explosive growth of video ads and discussed how developers can best leverage them into their own games both in local and overseas markets with tactics and best practices, and they shared how they optimize video ads in their own games to gain success. Vincent Diao, of Yodo 1 said their major ad revenue comes from video ads, especially rewarded video ads. The advantage of rewarded video ads is that gamers proactively choose to interact with them for further engaging in the game, and besides, video ads are way more interesting than other ad formats (like graphics and banners). Ben Yang of Funplus also highlighted the importance of placing the video ads without interfering with the user’s experience, as well as how to lift the conversion rate, CPI and CPM by pushing the right ad formats within the right verticals.” After the discussion, the team and attendees enjoyed a happy hour where guests networked and enjoyed wine and appetizers.

The next workshop in the Amplify series will be at the Green Lounge in Tokyo on April 13th titled “Apps are the future – learn best practices for monetizing your non-gaming apps.” We’ll follow this workshop with one in Korea in June titled “Think Globally: Acquire new users for your mobile app for worldwide success.” Then we will come back to  China in later in 2017 to lead a workshop for advertisers that is focused on user acquisition and growth best practices.

If you are interested in attending one of these invite-only events, contact your AppLovin account manager.


Briana Billingham is Director of Field Marketing & Events at AppLovin.