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About Last Night — AppLovin at the Think Differently! Women 2.0 Event

by Katie Jansen on Jun 26, 2015

Last night, at Pivotal Labs in San Francisco, I was honored to represent AppLovin at Think Differently!, a recruiting event for tech put on by Women 2.0. AppLovin was thrilled to be one of the companies chosen to speak, and we were in good company with OpenTable, Etsy, SurveyMonkey, Pivotal Labs, and WebDam. It was truly an honor to be literally at the table at an event that was all about connecting accomplished, innovative women in tech.

AppLovin was introduced by Women2.0 CEO Shaherose Charania, who gave a quick overview of AppLovin’s hyper growth. When I took the mic, I felt proud to describe AppLovin’s history, including how our founders were inspired by the opportunity that mobile presents, and how over the past three years we’ve been growing our mobile marketing platform. Now, we deliver relative content to over 1 billion consumers, globally. (Other cool facts about AppLovin: The company was founded and has grown without any VC, it only emerged out of stealth mode a year ago, and we are on track to do north of $200 mm in revenue this year. Oh, and we are hiring, adding to our already awesome team of about 90 employees.)  

Next,  I was happy to share what’s in store at AppLovin. In addition to our offices in Palo Alto, San Francisco, New York, and Berlin, we are  expanding our international presence, while staying focused on growing our company and keeping our product our number one priority.  We attribute our success to our product-first approach. Finally, I hit on our culture, since corporate culture was one of the main focuses of this event.  At AppLovin, we’ve got a genuine work hard/play hard philosophy — we are all proud of our product and business and put time into making it the best it can be, but we also place a premium on fun. Our employees enjoyed watching the Warriors win their first title at our suite at Oracle Arena, and now that’s baseball season, they’ll get to watch the Giants from our box at AT&T park. And we don’t forget the little things that support our employees, like gym memberships and dry cleaning service. It was a pleasure to share the things that make AppLovin such a special company. So a huge thanks to Women 2.0 and everyone else who attended last night. It was both memorable and exciting to be surrounded by so many talented women in tech. 

Thanks to Women 2.0 and all the wonderful sponsors and attendants!

Katie Jansen is AppLovin’s Chief Marketing Officer. In addition to her work, Katie is an advocate for women in tech and equality in the workplace.