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A Note To Our Developers: Update Your SDKs to be iOS 8 Compatible

by Mark Rosner on Aug 13, 2014

Apple is pushing iOS 8 during the first couple of weeks of September. Due to significant changes in this operating system, it has the potential to break third party ad delivery and you may need to update your third party SDKs, including AppLovin. If last year’s pace holds true this year, you can expect that roughly 64% of iOS users will be on iOS 8 within one month of its release!

We have released our iOS 8 compatible SDK here and have answered some frequently asked questions below.

1) What’s different about iOS 8 and how does it impact our SDK (and possibly other SDKs you work with):

  • iOS 8 changes the way view rotation is implemented. Old SDK versions will have issues displaying full-screen advertisements in landscape mode (they will appear skewed).
  • iOS 8 made some changes to the native media player. Old SDK versions will not be able to run video functionally. You should make sure you update any vendor you work with for video if they utilize the native media player, and if some of your app content renders video, make sure it still looks good in iOS 8.

2) Do I have to update my Xcode and which frameworks do I need to add?

  • When integrating our new SDK, you also need to update your Xcode to the latest version off the Apple site. This will make your app compatible with iOS 8. When making these updates, QA your own experience too in order to ensure nothing degrades in iOS 8.
  • You would also need to add the following frameworks to your project: AVFoundation.framework, WebKit.framework and the CoreMedia.framework.
  • You may choose not to upgrade to Xcode 6 and omit the WebKit.framework for this release only as a transition period. For our next release SDK v.2.5.1 you will need to update to Xcode 6 and utilize the WebKit.framework.

3) How can we update if Apple does not allow updates with iOS 8 since it is in the beta phase?

  • Apple should be enabling submission of iOS 8 apps to the app store a few weeks prior to the actual OS release.

If there are any additional questions, please email us at


Mark Rosner is AppLovin’s Chief Revenue Officer.

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