3 retail brands that are driving conversion with mobile product video

by Katja Llach on Sep 15, 2016

A few weeks ago we covered several retail brands that have knocked it out of the park in terms of leveraging their mobile apps to drive people to their stores, where they convert at a higher rate. Given that product videos are also a really great way to drive conversion (shoppers who watch videos are more likely to buy, their shopping carts are larger, and they return items less frequently), today I’m going to share with you three retail apps that use video within their apps to help drive conversion.

Home Depot

Home Depot’s app deserves kudos for solving a problem that is somewhat unique to the brand’s brick and mortar experience: The store is enormous, you don’t know where to go to find things, and you can’t find someone to tell you. (I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been in the paint section and felt daunted by the mere prospect of moving on to find screws.) Bingo, with the app I can load the store map, which shows me aisle by aisle where things are.

But its app also features videos, listed right there next to many of the products, so you can learn about them on-the-spot. The content varies depending upon the item: sometimes the video includes specifications, as for an outdoor grill; other times it’s instructional, like tips for how to choose the finish for paint or prepare to have a dishwasher installed; and other times it’s an ad promoting something in general (like Home Depot’s line of paints), but I find these in-app videos very helpful when I’m deciding whether or not to buy something. For example, this dishwasher is paired with a video about what you need to do at home to prepare for a dishwasher delivery and installation, which alleviates any concerns I have about what it takes to be ready:


Now I know what to expect with installation and delivery.

Now I know what to expect with installation and delivery.



While often the mantra with creating retail apps is “don’t just import your web content”, Zappos, one of my favorite retail apps, has moved its video feature right over to the app and it works beautifully. When I look at a pair of shoes in the app, there’s a video, with a friendly product specialist demonstrating the shoes so I can get a better idea of the style, fit, and features.


I need these for my next trip to Tahoe…

Product features, demystified!

Product features, demystified!

These videos do a great job of converting customers (apparently conversions improved by as much as 30 percent when the company introduced them to certain shoe items). But they also reinforce the Zappos brand, which is so easy-going, playful, and accessible.


Finally there’s Lux, a home decor and interior design shopping app, which has incorporated autoplay video demos for particular items as you scroll through the offerings. The videos are slick and fun. They also make me want to buy, and apparently Lux has had huge success with the strategy: the conversion rate for items with auto-play videos is 3 times higher than it is for those without. (I admit, I never realized how much I needed these chopping board feet until I saw them in action — they allow you to use both sides of a cutting board in a sanitary fashion!)

Clearly I need Chobs!

Clearly I need Chobs!

One of the fun things about working in this business is staying on top of the creative things brands do with apps to increase conversions. I’m always looking at apps with a critical eye, and I enjoy it when I see them doing something new. If you’re deploying video within a retail app, you might want to look to Home Depot, Zappos, and Lux for inspiration on how to drive conversion and reinforce your brand with video.


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