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Find AppLovin at GDC and MWC This Week

March 3, 2015

IMG_2960It’s a busy week for us here at AppLovin–two of the biggest shows of the year are happening simultaneously.

Mobile World Congress and Game Developers Conference have started in Barcelona and San Francisco, respectively, and we are there on the ground at both.

If you’d like to meet at MWC or GDC, tweet at us, and make sure to check out our GDC panel on Thursday at 2:00. The panel is with our friends MachineZone and Kochava, and will be moderated by Eric Johnson of Re/code. The topic is utilizing data to improve both user experience and monetization. something that our co-panelists are eminently qualified to address. So come check it out, or join the conversation on Twitter! Read more

Embracing Intelligent Monitoring At AppLovin

February 25, 2015


hall-monitor-1Early in AppLovin’s history, we had mysterious revenue degradation and it was seriously affecting our business. Our engineers spent the next few weeks poring over the logs, analyzing the logic of the core components, conducting multiple code-reviews, performing various experiments, and hypothesizing about potential causes of the degradation. It was painful because our monitoring was inadequate and didn’t help us find and fix the problem.

After a few weeks, we isolated and resolved several minor bugs that had joined forces to produce this costly performance issue. Painful as it was at the time, we learned a valuable lesson that to this day infuses our product and our work: Intelligent monitoring goes a long way with respect to protection and optimization. Indeed, perfecting AppLovin’s monitoring infrastructure became of paramount importance, and that means availability monitoring, application monitoring, flexible visualization, and a learning system for alerting.

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Eventful Week For AppLovin

February 20, 2015

1424200605301At AppLovin, we like to get out to as many influencer events as possible, to meet the people leading the way in the mobile marketing and development industies.

Last week, we had the pleasure of speaking at two such events, the Seattle App Strategy Workshop presented by App Developer’s Alliance, and the Kochava Mobile Summit held in Sandpoint, ID by our friends at Kochava. While big industry events like next month’s MWC and GDC (both of which we’ll be attending) are essential in their own rite, smaller, more focused events such as the ones we attended last week can inspire great conversation and facilitate outstanding personal connections.

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Casual Connect Panel Recap: Monetizing for Developers

February 4, 2015

casualconnect-fullcolor-logoverticalToday, I had the pleasure of moderating a panel at Casual Connect Amsterdam. It was a great talk with some of the sharpest minds in the industry.

The full title of the panel was Monetization for Developers: Understanding Your Audience and Creating a Business Model That Works, and the panelists were James Gibson, Gamesys; Noam Kagan, Deemedya; and Rustam Bekmuradov, Ximad.

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The Most Common Pitfalls Mobile App Developers Face

January 29, 2015

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In my role as Chief Publishing Officer, I meet a lot of developers, be they indie shops of one or one of thousands at large publishers. Whether big or small, I’ve noticed a lot of developers making the same kind of mistakes, or not taking full advantage of the ways they could be making their lives easier, affording themselves more time to focus on creating fantastic app experiences.

With that in mind, I talked to several of our developer partners and I  pulled together a list of common pitfalls that snag  developers far too often. Read more