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My Internship at AppLovin: A Building Block in My Career

October 6, 2015


The following is a guest post from Darshan Patil, a sophomore at UC San Diego


Darshan Patil

Last month, I wrapped up a three-month long engineering internship at AppLovin, and I feel really good about what I learned and what I was able to accomplish. I got to work closely with Anusha Ramesh, a senior software engineer at AppLovin, and focused on two projects: replacing legacy code for a reporting platform and creating an internal web tool that automates some tasks engineers had been doing manually.

I started programming about three years ago, and I’m just starting my sophomore year at the University of California, San Diego, where I’m majoring in CS. Until I started interning at AppLovin, I’d never had a real office job, so this was an incredible opportunity to contribute to work on a massive scale, and to see how several huge systems fit together. I’m used to doing programming on my own, so it was also an illuminating experience to see how a whole team can work individually, yet in sync at the same time. Read more

The Biggest Advantage Indiedevs Have Over The Big Guys

September 30, 2015


Last week, I participated in two panels at Gaming Insiders Summit. As always, it was a great show with plenty of illuminating discussions. But I’d like to highlight one in particular: The topic of how indies can compete with the big publishers. There seemed to be a consensus — and one that I agree with — that the best strategy for indies is to use their size to their advantage. More specifically, indies can take risks that most bigger publishers can’t, and this is their fundamental advantage. Read more

AppLovin at Gaming Insiders 2015

September 22, 2015


The 2015 Gaming Insiders Summit is just two days away, and we’re so excited to be there with so many leaders in gaming. This event is always amazing — we always walk away from it informed and inspired.

This year AppLovin is participating in two panels at the summit, so add them to your calendar if you’re there. Read more

Four Tips for Making Rewarded Video Pay

September 18, 2015


Rewarded video is an incredibly popular ad format, but why? Developers like rewarded video because it generates revenue, and players like it because it’s opt-in advertising and offers them something valuable in the game for their time. They can either watch the video or not, and if they choose to, then they know exactly what they’ll get in return.

But getting the most out of your rewarded video campaign takes some finesse. If you’re considering using rewarded video in your monetization strategy, here are a few tips for getting it right. Read more

AppLovin at the Gaming NOW Conference

September 1, 2015

Screenshot 2015-09-01 10.28.04We can’t wait for the Gaming NOW conference, Sept. 2-3 in Vegas! Partly because it’s an exciting and informative gatherings in the industry, but also because our own Alex Merutka, Director of West Coast Sales, will be leading a roundtable called Social Casino: CPA — What is the true cost and how can you reduce it? at 3:00 on Day 1 of the show. Read more