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May 27, 2016
Photographed by Erin Marie Miller { }

Photograph: Erin Marie Miller (

A few weeks ago, AppLovin CRO Mark Rosner spoke on a panel at called “Growing Via Core Channels in 2016”. Together with Bryan Davis, SVP of business development at Big Blue Bubble; Bryan Davis, mobile marketing & analytics manager at Turo; and Jeet Niyogi, marketing director at Playtika, he covered the latest learnings, tactics and opportunities that lie in mobile marketing. The panel was moderated by’s founder, Jay Weintraub, and gave Mark a great opportunity to repeat one of his favorite mantras: Try everything to surface quality users. Read more

At AppLovin, less is more when it comes to meetings

May 24, 2016


When I first started at AppLovin a few months ago, I immediately noticed that I could get a lot of work done quickly, and that my colleagues were very available on the fly. And then I put two and two together: I get a lot of work done and can collaborate with co-workers at a moment’s notice because none of us are tied up in endless meetings. Read more

Does your résumé have what it takes to get the attention of a tech recruiter?

May 18, 2016


Every year, nearly 240,000 people in the U.S. graduate with engineering degrees. In a competitive landscape like that, how do you stand out and land your dream job right out of school? The answer lies in showcasing your experience through your résumé. As AppLovin’s Technical Recruiter, I see hundreds of résumés a month, and here’s what I advise to make yours stand out: Read more

The tvOS App Contest: The runners up are now in the App Store!

May 12, 2016


Ever since the conclusion of the Apple TV App Challenge last month, we’ve run blog posts about the many winners, drilling down into some of the details of what made them stand out to the judges. You can read about the Hackathon winners here, and the Contest’s Grand Prize and Ports winners here.

Today we’re sharing some details on the runners up in the Contest, both of which were released into the App Store today. Read more