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Apple TV: What the numbers are telling us, and where we think the platform will go

April 29, 2016

Apple TV_SimpsonsWith the introduction of the new Apple TV, we’re on our way to a brave new world where TV isn’t just a fixture in our living room. Rather, thanks to apps, TV is now making the leap way beyond passive entertainment to touching many aspects of our lives.

At AppLovin, we’re making all sorts of investments in supporting tvOS ranging from getting out the SDK right on the heels of the platform’s release to hosting the Apple TV App Challenge, a contest that rewarded cutting-edge tvOS developers.
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The tvOS Contest winners: Excellence in gameplay

April 26, 2016


Part of the fun of hosting the Apple TV App Challenge was not knowing what to expect…what would devs come up with? It turned out that with the Contest, which was for full-featured apps and had a deadline of March 31, the submissions were dominated by games, many of which clearly took months to build (as games typically do).

Here’s the rundown on the Contest winners: Read more

What it took to win the tvOS Hackathon

April 22, 2016

Carter Sande, the dev behind Runtastical, with AppLovin VP of Engineering Basil Shikin

While the two winners of the tvOS Hackathon couldn’t be more different in terms of utility, they had one very solid thing in common: they were built by teams of two, each one consisting of a hard-core UX designer and a hard-core iOS dev. Read more

Announcing the winners of the Apple TV App Challenge!

April 18, 2016
Apple TV App Challenge tvOS Hackathon #AppLovin #HacktvOS

Apple TV App Challenge tvOS Hackathon #AppLovin #HacktvOS

Wow, what a weekend. Over 150 hackers attended AppLovin’s App Challenge weekend, including people who came from overseas. I was blown away by all that I saw over the course of the event. Over and over again I saw terrific examples of creativity, collaboration, and technical know-how, all coming together to experiment with and explore the possibilities with tvOS. And I’m really happy to announce these winners: Read more

Day 1 of App Challenge Weekend

April 16, 2016


App Challenge Weekend is off to a roaring start with the start of the tvOS Hackathon! With over 100 attendees huddled in groups scattered throughout our San Francisco office, we can feel the great ideas in the air. Hacking began a little over two hours ago — winners of the two $5,000 prizes and the mini-challenges will be selected tomorrow morning. Read more

The Final Countdown: 24 hours left to register

April 14, 2016


It’s getting down to the wire. In 24 hours, we will close registration for the tvOS Hackathon. So if you haven’t registered already, you have until 12 noon tomorrow, April 15. It’s getting full, so act now.

Here’s a recap of what participants in this weekend’s Hackathon can expect:

  • Cash prizes: $5,000 to two winners. Woot!
  • Additional super-cool prizes for the mini-challenge winners. (Drones! Portable speakers! Apple Store gift cards!)
  • Rad food and drink (IPA, prime rib, tortellini salad, quiche, you name it)
  • High fashion swag (well, maybe not high fashion, but comfy and/or useful!)

Plus of course participants will have an amazing time working and learning together.

Register now so you don’t miss out on the hackathon of the year, and we’ll see you bright at early Saturday morning.