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M1 recap: Digging into the mobile gold rush

June 28, 2016


Last month I participated in a great panel at the M1 Summit called “Picks and Shovels: The Mobile Developer ‘Gold Rush’ is On.” It was moderated by Garrett MacDonald, Kochava’s Executive Vice President of Sales, and included Nancy Hua, CEO of Apptimize; Jeff Kim, CEO of Neumob; Raj Aggarwal, CEO of Localytics; Michael Katz, CEO of mParticle; and Josh Speyer, CEO of AerServ.

We covered a lot of ground in the panel, like just how enormous the opportunity is in mobile and how companies can support developers with their data and analytics needs. I talked a bit about a few “big picture” concepts that it’s important to never lose sight of, like how vital it is to understand down-funnel events with respect to ROAS, with purchase rate of course being crucial. And then with respect to your non-purchasing users, ad revenue is really the only way to monetize them at all, and you have to be smart where you place them and your overall strategy for getting fill. Finally, devs should never forget that they should always start with a great product, and that great product should work in tandem with all of their marketing efforts.

Be sure to check out the entire video to get all sorts of valuable insights on how to leverage marketing and data-driven insights to improve your revenues.


WWDC recap: More of the same, in the best way


As someone who closely follows Apple’s platform releases, I can tell you that I get the most excited about how every new release includes increased access to cool APIs. In the past, we’ve watched how Apple has first made certain things possible within its own apps (think background execution, and universal search) and then after a time made them available to third parties. This strategy is one of a deliberate democratization, and it’s one of the reasons iOS is such a strong, stable platform. Read more

How to build an effective UI for analytics

June 17, 2016


Since I first joined AppLovin more than four years ago, our UI has gone through many changes as the company has grown to a point where we process over 50 billion requests a day. Here are a few things that I’ve learned about efficiency, data visualization, and the importance of simplicity that apply to anyone building a UI that relies on large data sets and presents complex analytics. Read more