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Red Alert: What to do if your game is the next Pokémon Go (Part 1)

July 21, 2016


As was the case in many workplaces the past couple of weeks, Pokémon Go was all the talk around the proverbial watercooler here at AppLovin. One colleague spent the past two Sundays running around Golden Gate Park and has caught well over 200 Pokemons, another expressed frustration that a Cubone slipped away before she could nail it, another has competed with his roommate to capture a Pikachu that’s outside his apartment complex, and yet another has set her sights on getting enough candies from Magikarps that one can evolve into a Gyarados. Read more

How to support each other in the workplace

July 15, 2016


Yesterday Entrepreneur published a piece that my friend Falon Fatemi, founder and CEO of Node and I co-wrote that I’m proud of. In it, we argue that while there can be a “zero-sum game” perception in the workplace that can undermine collaboration, there are in fact many great ways to ensure that workplaces remain both productive and deeply respectful. While the piece talks about competition among women and how to head it off, we know that much of what we say is useful for anyone, regardless of their gender. Read more

“Advertising’s Secret Sauce”: The lowdown on the experts

July 14, 2016


Casual Connect starts first thing next week, and we want to give you a bit more detail on who will be on the panel that our CRO, Mark Rosner, will moderate called “Data: Successful Mobile Advertising’s Secret Sauce.” It’s on Tuesday at 2:00 in Salon 5 and 6.

In this discussion about how to use data to achieve revenue goals in marketing campaigns, Mark will be joined by industry experts, each of whom offers a very particular perspective. Read more

Recap: White Nights in St. Petersburg

July 8, 2016


I recently had a chance to attend “White Nights”, a conference that was held in St. Petersburg, Russia. The conference itself (“Белые ночи” in Russian) is named after the summer days in St. Petersburg, which require a good set of curtains if you want to find some sleep since the sun basically doesn’t go down at all. It also made for quite the memorable setting during one evening boat party overlooking the entire city. Read more

10 days to Casual Connect: What we’re looking forward to

July 7, 2016


Casual Connect is just a week and a half away, and we’ve been looking closely at the conference agenda to get an idea of trends, and to identify which sessions are most relevant to us and the gaming companies we work with. There’s no doubt that VR is huge on the agenda — there will be lots of different takes on it. From the mobile perspective, we’re keeping an eye on that as the VR industry overall is projected to reach 110 billion by 2020, and as mobile VR headsets making terrific progress. Livestreaming is also huge this year, with Twitch and of course YouTube getting a lot of play. And then there’s eSports, which is so big it has its own track. Then there are of course tons of on the nuts and bolts of building a successful game business, ranging from monetization to opportunities for going global. Read more