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Join Us in Welcoming Moboqo to the AppLovin Family

October 15, 2014

Last week, we announced our acquisition of German mobile ad network Moboqo, Today I’d like to formally welcome the Moboqo team to the AppLovin family. The acquisition gives us an instant presence in Europe, which bolstered by key recent hires Simon Spaull and Nori Hayashi (MD of EMEA, and head of APAC sales respectively), significantly strengthens AppLovin’s international footprint.

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Get in the Game: What Mobile Marketing Tricks You Can Learn From Gaming Companies

October 2, 2014
source: Filckr user Rocketboom

source: Filckr user Rocketboom

Many people see the mobile games industry as its own beast, but a lot of what happens in the gaming world can provide important learnings for brands and advertisers. Game makers are at the forefront of this mobile app world, and we can learn from them and apply their techniques to marketing general consumer apps.

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The Fifth Tip To Reaching Your Customers On Mobile This Holiday Season

September 24, 2014

Recently, I contributed a piece to Entrepreneur advising startups/entrepreneurs on four ways they can meet shoppers on mobile for the holiday season. I talked about using personalized dynamic content, making mobile friendly creative, deep linking for easy purchasing, and tracking and attributing. You can’t go wrong if you adhere closely to these principles, and I encourage you to read the whole thing, but I’d like to expand on something I only alluded to in my column: The importance of timing. Read more

Developers: Update AppLovin iOS SDK

September 12, 2014

Apple released its production (Golden Master) version of iOS 8 on Tuesday and there were some changes that affect the AppLovin SDK.

Here are the scenarios for AppLovin integration.

  • If you are updating with Xcode 6 – Any version of our Xcode 6 iOS 8 compatible SDK v2.5.0 – v.2.5.3 is fine and you can continue as planned.
  • If you are updating with Xcode 5 – You should either update to v2.5.3+ (recommended and available here) or remain on a version prior to our Xcode 6 iOS 8 compatible 2.5 series (2.4 or prior).

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Up and to The Left: The Current State of Mobile Advertising

September 5, 2014

Recently, there has been some talk about how mobile ads can’t live up to their desktop counterparts. But as our business continues to expand and the overall mobile opportunity grows, we see mobile advertising as a thriving, mature business.

This is the new world of mobile ads, and it’s not just gaming companies who are engaging. There are dozens of other examples of non-gaming companies who are leading the way in this new world of mobile advertising, in diverse areas. Retailers like Nordstrom, eBay, and Joss & Main are all employing successful mobile advertising campaigns. Mobile users are flocking to daily deals properties like Living Social and Groupon, both of whom are leading the way in leveraging mobile ads to acquire and re-engage their customers. Mobile users also love to book last minute travel on the go, so it’s no surprise that and Priceline are leveraging mobile advertising to increase bookings on mobile.

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A Note To Our Developers: Update Your SDKs to be iOS 8 Compatible

August 13, 2014

Apple is pushing iOS 8 during the first couple of weeks of September. Due to significant changes in this operating system, it has the potential to break third party ad delivery and you may need to update your third party SDKs, including AppLovin. If last year’s pace holds true this year, you can expect that roughly 64% of iOS users will be on iOS 8 within one month of its release!

We have released our iOS 8 compatible SDK here and have answered some frequently asked questions below.

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