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AppLovin Data Desk January 2015: Chinese iPhone 6 Plus Appetite has Apple Seeing Green

January 21, 2015


Uptick in iPhone 6 Plus Sales in China Could Spell Strong Earnings for Apple A9DvSixtRhSiXenqEeK5GpnVrB8SevlQRMaerg6W4BEFor the third installment of our Data Desk series, we look at how the US holiday sales and increased availability of the iPhone 6 Plus affected its market share in two of its biggest markets – the US and China–with a specific focus on China. The relative market share of the 6 Plus is so important, particularly in China, for a few reasons. First, UBS estimates that for the first time ever, iPhone sales in the December quarter in China outstripped those in the US. Plus (pun intended), Morgan Stanley estimates that the 6 Plus’ profit margins are as much as 61% higher than that of the iPhone 6. From data we have collected and corroborating third party reports, it seems China’s ravenous appetite for the 6 Plus will buoy Apple’s next reported earnings.

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AppLovin at AppNation VI

January 5, 2015

Tomorrow (January 6), we head out to Las Vegas for day 2 of AppNation. This year, AppNation is coinciding with CES–so if you have a CES badge, you can attend AppNation, which is held at the Cosmopolitan.

There are great panels and exceptional speakers, but you’re reading our blog, so we’ll just tell you about the two we are on.

Our CEO Adam Foroughi and our SVP of Sales Jim Jones, will be at the below panels at 12:45 and 4:25.

If you are attending AppNation, make sure you check out our panels. And if you are at CES and need a break from the LVCC, AppNation is worthy diversion.

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Looking Back on 2014

December 31, 2014

Image credit: flickr user littlechay, AppLovin

2014 was quite a year for AppLovin. We came out of stealth, hit a major milestone in revenue, and expanded our global footprint by acquiring German outfit Moboqo. But more importantly, we served as a vital part of the mobile industry, helping developers get paid, and enabling brands to reach and re-engage the right consumers on mobile.

So as we look forward to 2015, we’d like to thank all of our partners and customers who made it such an amazing year.



What to Expect from Mobile in 2015

December 19, 2014


2014 has been a tremendous year for mobile. Consumers can now pay for things with their phones using Apple Pay, Venmo, and even Snapchat. Mobile advertising is growing faster than any other digital ad category and is the driving force behind digital  advertising’s explosive growth. Mobile accounted for two thirds of Facebook’s advertising revenue in Q3 2014. Twitter joined Facebook in testing a Buy button, and more than 1.6 billion transactions will happen on mobile this year.

Together, this means there are a number of new ways for brands to connect with buyers, and mobile is at the center of all of them. What can we expect from 2015? Here are a few of the things that are on our radar.

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Pick Your Partners Wisely: 4 Things to Look for in a Demand Partner

December 11, 2014
The Most Dramatic Rose Ceremony Ever

Photo Credit: ABC

So you’ve spent the last six months coding, testing, debugging your app, and you’re ready to launch. You’ve labored countless nights designing a great user experience, focusing on ways to bake in retention tactics and monetization from the beginning.

Now that you’re ready to launch, you don’t want all that hard work to be in vain, you want users. If you are among the 99.9% of developers who have a limited acquisition budget, you can’t just blindly buy installs or try the “spray and pray” approach. Rather, you need a demand partner who can deliver results.

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