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Deep Data Dive at the M1 Mobile Summit

May 28, 2015
Photo credit: Twitter user @amaiou

Photo credit: Twitter user @amaiou

Last week, AppLovin had the pleasure of speaking at the M1 Summit in New York. We spoke at the previous M1 Summit in San Francisco last November, and it’s always a fantastic event, filled with some of the most influential voices in mobile.

“M1″ is short for mobile first, which is philosophically aligned with AppLovin and how we see the technology landscape.

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SF Business Times 2015 Tech and Innovation Awards

May 22, 2015

applovincl137*750xx5760-3240-0-300Earlier this week, AppLovin attended The San Francisco Business Times Tech and Innovation Awards ceremony as an honoree.

Held on the top floor of the Westin St. Francis Hotel in downtown San Francisco, it had stunning views. Equally breathtaking was the list of companies recognized. Read more

AppsFlyer’s Gaming Performance Index

May 21, 2015

Gaming_Preformance_Index_HeaderToday, our friends at AppsFlyer released their Gaming Performance Index, a look at the industry’s top performing advertising networks. The report is the most comprehensive study of its kind to date and includes compelling data about the boom in mobile gaming, including that related to retention (both in the top 25 ad networks, and with regard to iOS’s domination over Android). The report’s dynamic graphs offers data points that are worth taking some time to look at and absorb, and that can inform developers’ decisions about how to grow revenue.

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Data Desk 5: The Habits That Define Mobile Spenders

May 14, 2015

Applovin_Tune_DataDeskFor our fifth Data Desk entry, AppLovin has teamed up with our partners TUNE to look at the habits of the growing legion of US mobile spenders. Specifically, when are they most likely to purchase? Are there any patterns that might inform us about mobile behavior writ large?

Analyzing billions of data points and millions of transactions, we found clear patterns in in-app spending and overall mobile usage that were enlightening. But there was also a big takeaway that transcended category type. Two trends prevailed: most weekday mobile revenues and usage occur at the 7:00 hours (both a.m. and p.m.), peaking on Tuesdays, while by far the lowest day for mobile spending and usage is Wednesday. Read more

Looking to increase your ad revenue? Go native!

May 8, 2015

Photo credit: flcikr user cafnr app_0031

I recently contributed a piece to App Developer Magazine about why native advertising is such a hot trend (it’s one of the fastest growing areas in advertising, and eMarketer estimates that the market for native ads will be $5B by 2017). It covers best practices for mobile native ad integrations that can dramatically boost developers’ ad revenues.

The statistics are hard to argue with: native ads boost ad revenue (note that Twitter, for example, doubled its ad revenue by implementing native), and consumers prefer them, making the native strategy a win-win-win for developers, advertisers, and users. Plus, intent to purchase is much higher with users who click on native ads as opposed to banner ads: 52 percent compared with 34 percent.   Read more