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AppLovin joins forces with Localytics, CyberZ, and Talking Data

July 24, 2015

largeToday I’m happy to announce that AppLovin has joined forces with three new partners with expertise in tracking and analytics, two of whom have a presence overseas. This step marks a new phase in our growth and will bolster AppLovin’s influence domestically and internationally. Read more

Data Desk 6: Whatever it Would Cost to Eliminate Mobile Ads, Consumers Don’t Want to Pay it

July 9, 2015

There has been a lot of discussion about ad-blocking lately, especially for mobile devices. There’s even been some prognosticating about the replacement of advertisements as a medium. Some have suggested that “free” services aren’t really free because of the privacy data tradeoffs, and others are asking why there isn’t an option to pay to get rid of ads in some services. Still others, as in this op-ed in the New York Times, have expressed an interest in consumers paying services directly to have ad-free versions of products. (But this scenario is hypothetical in that it assumes that most services would be willing to charge direct to consumers or via a robust micropayments infrastructure, which doesn’t currently exist.) Ultimately, the discussion raises these key questions: Assuming consumers could pay to remove ads from their mobile phones, would they, and how much would they pay to do so? Read more

Announcing the AppLovin App Challenge: Earn Up To $500 Towards Your Amazon App

July 1, 2015

graphic-v2We recently launched Applovin on Amazon. Developers can immediately integrate our SDK into their Amazon apps and start monetizing.

To celebrate and give back to developers, we are happy to announce the AppLovin App Challenge. Any developer who publishes an app to the Amazon Appstore will receive an additional dollar for every dollar they make from that app using the Applovin SDK. Developers can earn up to $500 dollars and all apps published from 7/1/ 15 – 8/31/15 are eligible to participate in this offer. Read more

Designing a Winner: Behind HotelTonight’s Stunning Mobile Video Ad

June 29, 2015


As the Director of Creative Services at AppLovin — meaning he’s the guy who oversees all of the ads we produce for our customers — Ilya Berger has an interesting perspective on what works in the mobile ad space and why. After a recent user acquisition video campaign we did for our customer HotelTonight garnered terrific results (watch the video and find out more about the strategy and outcomes in this excellent AdExchanger profile), I sat down with him to talk about the specifics of what makes a great mobile video ad. Read more

About Last Night — AppLovin at the Think Differently! Women 2.0 Event

June 26, 2015

CIZECzRUYAA5ta-Last night, at Pivotal Labs in San Francisco, I was honored to represent AppLovin at Think Differently!, a recruiting event for tech put on by Women 2.0. AppLovin was thrilled to be one of the companies chosen to speak, and we were in good company with OpenTable, Etsy, SurveyMonkey, Pivotal Labs, and WebDam. It was truly an honor to be literally at the table at an event that was all about connecting accomplished, innovative women in tech. Read more