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Automating Operations: If it can be automated, it should be automated

April 15, 2015

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As is the case for many companies, our bottom line at AppLovin is driven in part by what we can automate. Determining what can be automated and then doing it has been key to streamlining in a variety of ways, including making specific processes more efficient and optimizing our teams so that they can more efficiently communicate with our clients.

Below are a few of our observations about automating operations. Read more

Why Facebook Was Right to Unbundle

April 8, 2015
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Incumbents call it “unbundling”– taking a feature-heavy app and dividing its component parts into standalone apps. Vine, or for that matter Periscope, could have been just new video features within Twitter, but Twitter chose to launch both as standalone apps instead. Instagram could have made Hyperlapse, or Layout new features in its image-and-video-sharing app, but it released them separately. Riff could have been part of Facebook video, but instead it’s a standalone app. Following suit, apps that are just launching are often not bundled to begin with, while existing apps are choosing to introduce new features as auxiliary apps to their core product. When you think about it, “unbundling” is not the trend with apps as much as “specialization” is. Read more

AppLovin Data Desk 4: Moneyball for Mobile Advertisers: Using Data to Maximize Returns

March 31, 2015

A9DvSixtRhSiXenqEeK5GpnVrB8SevlQRMaerg6W4BERemember Moneyball, the story of how Oakland A’s general manager Billy Beane transformed his team through a new approach to statistics? Beane took a fresh, more analytical approach to the entrenched statistical indicators that for decades had driven investment in players, and by doing so he found players that were undervalued in the market and won more games than teams with double the payroll.

Moneyball is a lesson in the use of advanced metrics to uncover opportunities in the market and capitalize on them accordingly. It showcases just how valuable data and gleaning the right metrics can be in finding hidden gems that give you an edge over the competition.  Read more

Native Ads and AppLovin

March 26, 2015

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Earlier this month, when Business Insider featured AppLovin, we were particularly happy to see our unique product first approach highlighted. We’re proud of that strategy, which, as the article states, means that “engineers and data scientists rule at AppLovin.” To us, success depends on making a terrific product the first priority. But we were also happy to see one of our new native ad products covered in the article.

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Natively Mobile — The Evolution of Hand-held Problem Solving

March 20, 2015


Earlier this week, VentureBeat published an interview with me from February’s Mobile Summit, a great event in a fantastic setting.

The interview focuses on how native mobile communication is the key to getting a brand’s app used on a device. That challenge seems particularly daunting these days when the App Store is so crowded with options, and when it feels like mobile-first apps like Uber, Snapchat or Instagram have already won. But I think that there are still opportunities out there, if you look carefully at what everyday challenges haven’t been solved for yet and if you’re smart about devising seamless solutions.

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What Makes a Mobile Ad Clickable?

March 13, 2015

Making  mobile ads that are compelling involves a great deal of design and innate artistic talent. But to make an ad go from good to great, relying on insights derived from data and analysis and is the key. A great mobile ad is part art, part science.

Our design team mocked up this infographic to show our process in designing mobile ads for our customers. It’s a lot more involved than you might have thought. Read more